Maintain Pool  Pro Dichlor Granular Chlorine 2 lb.

Maintain Pool Pro Dichlor Granular Chlorine 2 lb.


Unlike most chlorine used to shock or superchlorinate, dichlor is low in pH and will not raise the pH in your pool or spa.  Maintain Pool Pro Dichlor Granules dissolve quickly.  The chlorine is stabilized with cyanuric acid to add to the protection of chlorine loss from sunlight.  This chlorine is a great use at season start up to superchlorinate and to establish a chlorine residual of 1.0 - 3.0 ppm available chlorine while adding conditioner.  


Testing of the conditioner / stabilizer levels are recommended prior to using this product as it will increase the CYA level in the water, eliminating the need for a second product if needed.


For preventative maintainence, shock or superchlorinate once a week, after heavy bather loads, and after thunderstorms.