Champion 12.5% Liquid Pool Shock

Champion 12.5% Liquid Pool Shock


Commercial Grade Liquid Chlorine Pool Shock Sanitizer 


12.5% strength commercial-grade NSF-Certified liquid chlorine by Champion. This sodium hypochlorite solution comes in a case of 1-gallon jugs. Easy-to-use, fast, and effective. Shock and sanitize your pool by pouring directly into your swimming pool or feed via a peristaltic metering pump. A great alternative to tablet and granular chlorine products. No build-up of scale or cyanuric acid (CYA-stabilizer). Useful for many industries. 


Product Features Include:

  • Instant gratification when added to pool – No wait time to swim.
  • Does not cloud the pool
  • Ready to use – No mixing is required
  • Less expensive to use than granular
  • No settling on the bottom of the pool which creates stains
  • No scaling – Scaling from granular can lead to excessively high calcium/stabilizer levels which can cause scaling
  • Liquid pool chlorinator is one of the best options to reduce cyanuric acid levels