Don’t let your pool be ruled by frogs!

Pool Maids will guide you through your start up process or algae cleanup and advise on keeping your pool clear.

Our maintenance pools are 100% algae free and sparkling. We are so confident in our process and chemicals that our maintenance packages come with an algae free guarantee! We use the same products that we sell in our store! Our maintenance customers are repeat customers, year after year.

Water’s natural state is a pond. Pool owners are constantly battling nature to keep their pools crystal clear and enjoyable. The most important key to a clean pool, next to proper filtration, is preventative maintenance. At least once a week, you should perform the following:

· Check the water chemistry by using a test kit or bringing a water sample to us for a complete analysis. Adjust as needed (pH, alkalinity, water hardness, and conditioner).

· Shock! especially during hot humid weather.

· Vacuum settled debris.

· Brush ALL pool surfaces, walls and floors.

· Backwash filter or spray off cartridge.

· Check chlorine feeder or dispensers and top off to ensure daily feed. Check your SWG, if your pool is equipped with one, to ensure everything is working properly and you have sufficient salt in the water.

Additional Algae Prevention:

Throughout the week, check the chemistry. If something looks off, correct the issue right away. A little cloudiness in the AM can result in a green pool by the evening. To keep algae at bay, be sure to shock the pool after heavy downpours or a large bather load. Both of these can quickly consume the free chlorine available and increase the chlorine demand. The consumed chlorine then becomes the idea environment, perfect for algae to bloom.

It is normal to have dead algae settle to the bottom during non-use. The key here is that the chlorine or algaecide has effectively killed the algae and it has settled to the bottom due to the pool not being used or stirred up. This alga will be removed weekly by vacuuming or by use of robotic vacuum like Dolphin. When algae are live, they cling to the sides or bottom, and requires quick action in response before it blooms. (Mustard algae looks like grains of sand).

Other concerns:

If you follow the above steps and continue to have algae issues, have your water tested for phosphates. Phosphates feed algae and tend to be problematic in our rural community. Use a quality preventative algaecide such as SeaKlear 90-Day Algae Prevention and Remover.

The use of cheap pool chemicals, excessive chemicals, and well water can leave a high metal residue that causes water to not respond effectively to chlorine or may have a greenish tint to it. These metals can be removed with Metal Control and Hydro Floc. Clarifiers can help maintain sparkling, polished water by clumping the suspended particles together so they get picked up by the filter. Be sure to follow the recommended dosage amount as these can have an opposite affect if overdosed.

Maintain the recommended level of cyanuric acid (aka conditioner or stabilizer) to prevent chlorine loss due to sunlight. Excessive cyanuric acid will increase the chlorine demand so be sure to check the levels regularly, especially if you use chlorine tabs. If the levels exceed 80-90, you will need to replace some water to dilute the CYA.

In closing, pool ownership is an ongoing effort against mother nature. It does require both chemicals and physical labor. Being consistent and proactive is the easiest way to keep your pool from becoming troublesome. Chemicals take time to circulate and process. Sadly, there is no magic; the frog is a frog and not a prince. ☹

Am a Prince? Kiss Me!

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